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MTX TM6502

6.5" Speakers .Thunder Marine coaxial speakers are designed to withstand almost anything Mother Nature can throw at them.  Featuring weather resistant polypropylene cones and teteron tweeters these speakers are extremely mositure resistant.  Each speaker utilizes a sealed PVC basket to ensure moisture is kept out of the motor structure and an ASA plastic grille that is both impact and UV resistant.  All hardware is either stainless steel or gold plated to protect against corrosion and maximize performance.  Thunder Marine speakers can be utilized in application where weather resistance is important and the best part is you don't have to sacrifice sound as these speakers deliver true MTX performance.
Stainless steel screws resist corrosion and gold plated terminals ensure maximum signal and current transfer
Silicone insulated tinsel leads for durability
Weather resistant polypropylene cones
Constructed using ABS plastic for durability and resistance to physical damage
All feature a sealed PVC basket which prevents damaging moisture from entering the motor structure of the speaker
Grilles are designed using Centrex ASA plastic which is not only impact resistant but also paintable and UV resistant
Peak Power (Watts): 100 W
Wire Harness: 18" Included
Environmental Spec: 500hrs ASTM B117, D4329
Cone: Polypropylene
Tweeter:  25mm Tetron

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